Year 1966 witnessed a first in history of MAN Truck & Bus. MAN Truck & Bus realized production outside of Germany for the first time. As passenger transportation and cargo transportation was realized via highways at high rates, Turkish market was very convenient for production abroad. Trucks and buses of MAN were known and used in the Turkish market since 1950. Ercanlar Company, in colloboration with MAN, realized the sales of MAN vehicles. At said period, MAN held 20% of the commercial vehicle market in Türkiye.


The colloboration continued smoothly until changes occured in country conditions and prohibition of truck importation became a matter of concern in 1962. Prohibition on truck imports only covered complete vehicles. Thus, MAN Truck & Bus and Ercanlar Company decided to continue truck parts importation realize the assembly in Türkiye.


Thus, MAN Türkiye A.Ş. was incorporated with the title MAN Kamyon ve Otobüs Sanayi A.Ş. (MANAŞ) in Istanbul on 5 March 1966 with 1/3 of the capital shares held by MAN Truck & Bus AG and the factory facilities were placed into service in the same year. Only a few days after starting of production in the factory on 25 May 1967, the first vehicle produced in Türkiye came off the belt on 29 May 1967: 520 H. Model, which is commonly known as nosed, red MAN, included into the middle class truck segment, produced by man since 1957.


Following truck production, bus production was started in 1968. 535 model travel vehicle was produced in revized form according to conditions in Türkiye. Moreover, production of 420 FOC type chassis, of which the bodywork was realized by Turkish firms, was started.


MANAŞ did not only realize assembly of the components from Germany but also produced parts in its own facilities in Istanbul. In said period, the Turkish Government supported use of components produced in our country. The components produced at MANAŞ facilites were manufactuted with outstanding quality, authentic to the origional, with great sucesss. Certain components that were not produced were supplied by Turkish suppliers. With the prohibition on the importation of truck cabins, MANAŞ decided to produce the cabins also.


MANAŞ, continuing is production and sales successfully until 1980, decided to focus upon exports in 1980. Thanks to the advantages of the geopolitical status of Türkiye, exportation to close regions and Central Asia could easily be realized. MANAŞ introduced its 16.190 H model water tanker and 16.190 model dumper truck at the fair in Baghdat in 1981. Officials from Eygpt and Kuwait contacted MANAŞ in February of 1981 to realize the sales of MANAŞ vehicles in Eygpt, Iraq and Syria.

At the end of 1981, a dealer agreement was signed with Lebanon.


Project activities aiming at establishment of a motor factory launched in 1981 with the positive and stable ambiance, and MAN Motor factory, of which MAN held 1/3 of the shares, was incorporated. However, the location of the factory was determined as Ankara this time. In March 1982, the Shareholders Meeting was held and the employees of MAN Motor were sent to visit the motor factory in Nürnberg for training in November.

Following activities of two years, MAN Motor Factory was openned on 27 November 1984 in Ankara with the attendance of Turgut Özal, Prime Minister at the time, Ministers, Deputies, Minister of Economy and Transportation of Baviera, officials of Ercan Holding and Executive Committee of MAN Truck & Bus AG. Same year, 400 motors were delivered to Istanbul MANAŞ.


Truck factories were placed into service in Ankara in 1985 and Istanbul focused upon bus production. However, due to the crisis encountered, productions were suspended in 1988 and support of the company by the banks took place. Production was started again in 1990. However due to difficulties starting as of 1992, taking over of the management by MAN Truck & Bus, which was considered previously in 1988, came into the agenda. Following long term negotiations MAN Truck & Bus acquired 30% of the shares and took over the administrative and industrial management of MANAŞ completely in 1995. Bus production was transferred from Istanbul to Ankara and all production facilities were integrated in Ankara. Mr. Tunç Koman was appointed as member of Executive committee and Mr. Fahrnberger was appointed as the Executive Committee Chairman.


Following production of the SL 232 city bus, production of S2000 coach was started in the same year.

Motor factory was purchased in 1996. The daily production capacity was increased to 4 buses in 1997 and the shares of MAN Truck & Bus AG was increased to 81%. The bus production capacity with doubled in 2002 with the “8.5 Project” and the shares held in MAN Truck & Bus AG reached 99.9% and the company title was changed as “MAN Türkiye A.Ş.”


Buses, which were introduced to the Turkish market as Fortuna in 2003 after their presentation at the Hannover Fair in October 2002, named Lions Coach (single axle) and Lion’s Top Coach (double axle), took their place in MAN history as the first coaches that were realized with the participation of Turkish engineers and designers in the designing works that were realized with the restructuring of MAN Truck & Bus AG, and said buses were introduced to the customers and passengers with a ceremony in Istanbul.


With “Evolution 2004”, which is a capacity increase project, the capacity to produce 2000 buses per year, i.e. one bus every 100 minutes was reached and industrial production was initiated. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Recep Erdoğan, Members of Parliament, members of the executive committee of MAN Truck & Bus, related industry suppliers and a crowded press group.

Total production areas were increased at a rate of 26% to 47.000 m2. The painting areas, warehoused were expanded, indoor production areas were increased and improvements were made in equipment used in production. MAN Türkiye became the bus production base of MAN Truck & Bus with investments over 80 million Euro.


In the same year, the three axle model of Fortuna Coach, Fortuna Mega was introduced to the press. Said buses have confirmed their quality with the Red dot “Winner 2003” award which is one of the most prestigious design awards with criteria in terms of form, function and innovation. Moreover, the new generation TGA construction series were introduced to numerous guests with an event organized.

MAN Turkiye has taken its place in the first five ASO members, who have paid the highest Corporate Tax and realized successful exports in the year 2000s. MAN Türkiye, which ranked 51st in the list of “500 Great Industry Establishments of Türkiye”, as determined by Istanbul Chamber of Trade (ISO), is currently holding its position in the first hundred.


Today, MAN Türkiye, which started with a capital of 265.000.000.-TL and 300 employees, has become the design, development and production center for standard coaches and city buses of the NEOMAN Group with its capital of and 2600 employees. MAN Türkiye, which had a 100 bus capacity at its establishment, has increased its capacity to 1651 buses and has acquired a turnover of 390 million Euros with the bus and truck sales realized in 2005, is now producing one of every three buses in the NEOMAN Group. MAN Türkiye, increasing its total turnover and the share of exports in its turnover constantly, has achieved great success in its 40 year history by realizing exports to 41 countries.